What Are They Hiding? HCGOP Bans Recording of Meeting

Haywood County Republican Party Chairman Ken Henson, at the HCGOP meeting on Tuesday March 28, declared the meeting to be private, and that recording would not be allowed.

“Monroe, are you recording? This is not a public meeting”, Henson said.

“I am recording it”, replied Monroe Miller.

“Well this is not a public meeting”, continued Henson, who then said something that isn’t quite intelligible on the recording.

A motion was made to disallow recording during the meeting, which was seconded by several.

During discussion, one attendee pointed out:  “If we have nothing to hide, what does it matter?”.  Apparently there are some honest folks left at HCGOP.

Later in the discussion, Henson contradicted his earlier claim saying: “I mean, it’s open… we’re here…”, and then continued: “We just don’t…. you know…  a lot of people don’t want it out on the Internet tonight.”

Chairman Henson, why don’t you want it on the Internet tonight?  What do you have to hide?

Ted Carr, apparently clarifying his motion, said: “The main point is that anyone who wants to participate could be here at the meeting, and it is not the purpose to record it and put it out on the Internet”.

Apparently Mr. Carr has something to hide as well.

Well folks, there you have it.  Haywood County GOP wants to make sure that you only know what they want you to know about their meetings.

Click here to hear the audio from which the quotes above were transcribed.


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