A Tale of Three Articles

A few days ago, we received an email inviting us to attend a rally in support of Congressman Mark Meadows.  What a great idea!  We just love Congressman Meadows, and know he has been taking some heat for standing on principle as we elected him to do.

Here is what the email looked like:

Nicely done, Jane!

Imagine our surprise when we saw the following article in the online edition of our local newspaper.  Note that the image is a facsimile of the actual article, which has been changed.

Hmmm…  sure looks like someone is trying to take credit for the work done by Jane Bilello, FreedomWorks, and Heritage Action for America.

Someone noticed the misattribution, and another article appeared:

So now we have credit being given to Haywood County 9-12 Project.  Who are they?  They did at least credit FreedomWorks for buying lunch.  Apparently someone noted the fact that article was still far from accurate, and yet another version appeared:

Finally, they got it right.  What took so long?

There seem to be two most likely causes of this:

1.  The reporter is not very good at her job.

2. The reporter was given false information.

The reporter who authored these stories has worked in Haywood County for quite some time.  We feel she wouldn’t be here if she was that incompetent.

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