Haywood County GOP and Haywood Republican Alliance In Local Press

Updated July 14, 2017

Recently Becky Johnson of Smoky Mountain News spent a lot of time interviewing people from both Haywood County GOP and Haywood Republican Alliance regarding recent conflict between members of the two groups.  Her research resulted in several articles regarding the two organizations and local Republican politics.

While Ms. Johnson didn’t overtly call anyone a liar, if you read carefully you will see at least one case where someone is caught in a lie. ┬áThe articles can be seen at the links below.





And then we have Cory Villaincourt from Smoky Mountain News writing more good articles on HCGOP’s silly behavior.


…which was followed by Ted Carr’s letter to the editor, attempting to claim that HCGOP had never passed a resolution charging five with “party disloyalty”, despite the existence of evidence to the contrary.


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