Henson Whines Again!

We have received the text of a recent email purportedly from Ken Henson, Haywood County GOP Chairman.  Anyone who knows Ken will realize that someone else had to have written it.

Below are excerpts from this email, with my comments interspersed.

There is massive confusion regarding a former Haywood County Republican Party Facebook page.

Really?  Who is confused and why?  People who think “Haywood Republican Alliance” sounds like “Haywood County Republican Party”?  If you can’t tell the difference, perhaps you should not leave home without competent supervision.

Several years ago a page was set up by the Haywood County Republican Party.

Actually, the page was set up by a volunteer.  Why are people surprised that when that person was electioneered off the HCGOP Executive Committee, they chose to keep control of what they had worked to create?

In March 2017, disgruntled administrators of the page changed the name to reflect an extremist group using the name Republican Alliance.

Extremist group?  Really?  Is it “extremist” to expect that the Haywood County Republican Party conduct business according to the NCGOP Plan of Organization and the votes of the HCGOP Executive Committee?

The official Republican Party was not consulted nor informed regarding this change.

And why should they have been?

The official Haywood County Republican Party is not affiliated with the page that is now used to promote some of the far left extremist views of certain administrators.

Far left extremist views?  Really Ken?  Get real.  Please do share one of the “far left extremist views” promoted by Haywood Republican Alliance.  We’ll wait.  But we won’t hold our breath, because this claim is pure fantasy.  Readers are welcome to judge for themselves by examining what is now the Haywood Republican Alliance Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/HaywoodRepublicans/ or the HRA website at http://hayrep.com/.  We don’t find anything “far left” in either place.

Be very clear; the inflammatory remarks from page administrators reflecting vulgarity and baseness do not reflect the belief of the official Haywood County Republican Party.

Do Ken Henson’s threats of physical violence against individuals reflect the belief of the “official Haywood County Republican Party”?

Poor Ken Henson and his cronies.  They found it inconvenient that some members of the HCGOP Executive Committee insisted on the “rule of law” – conducting business according to the NCGOP Plan of Organization and votes of the Executive Committee – so they electioneered them off the Executive Committee.  They obviously did not consider the consequences.

Now, rather than moving forward with the resources they have available, they spend considerable effort attacking the folks they banished from the party.

On what planet does that make sense?

Wake up and smell the coffee, Ken Henson.  The people you screwed are not likely to roll over and play dead for you.  You made this situation, so go find your big boy pants and deal with it.  Move on.

4 Replies to “Henson Whines Again!”

  1. “Far left extremist views?” State one FAR LEFT VIEW Ken Henson, state one! Just one, not two three or four! This statement by Haywood County GOP Chair Ken Henson is such a lie. The Haywood Republican Alliance is a PAC, a Political Action Committee, dedicated to supporting only Republican candidates who are true conservatives! Go figure!

  2. Ken Henson could not possibly have written this. Anyone who has heard him speak would know this.

    Big boy pants? LMAO. I think Debbie King keeps Ken’s pair in her handbag.

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