Who is Brian Talbert?

Apparently he thinks a lot of himself:

Early in the conversation, he was asked to back one of his assertions with fact.  He responded with a question, and then later asserted that he had asked his question first:

He also appears to like insulting the whole Republican population of a county:

… and also individuals:

(if he was blocked, he would have a perfect excuse for failing to admit to his slanderous claims that Haywood Republican Alliance was not making proper and timely reports to NCSBOE)

Brian Talbert seems to think that if you fly a Confederate Flag, you are a Nazi.

(note that while he continually played the part of Grammar Cop in the conversation, he formed a plural using an apostrophe)

He likes to declare victory, absent any evidence:

…and he’s just a *bit* condescending:

Why would anyone have such a person as a spokesperson?

Our guess is that he was sent to harass HRA by one of the power seekers in NCGOP.

Astute readers might wonder about the full context.  In the interest of fairness, below are 28 screenshots covering the conversation up to the time of this writing.


4 Replies to “Who is Brian Talbert?”

  1. My name is Kent Medley and I am a member of Carolinas for Trump. I saw this whole exchange happen. Paul is not being honest here. He has deleted the comments where he called Brian Talbert several homophobic names. Haywood Republican Alliance has also been banned from Carolinas For Trump because they made several homophobic comments on our page as well. Maybe you guys should ask Paul why he chose to delete comments of his that directly prove he is lying.

    1. So, all of Brian Talbert’s insults don’t matter? He can call others “Hicks” and “Hillbillies”, and that is just fine, but if I call him “faggot” or “pole smoker”, that is a problem?

      Excuse me Kent Medley, your hypocrisy is showing.

    2. Where did I lie, Kent Medley?

      You appear to be just like your buddy Brain Talbert – all hat and no cattle.

      Lots of allegations, no evidence.

    3. What a shame Kent Medley posted with a fake email address. I wanted to contact him for clarification on his comment, but am unable to do so since he provided a fake address.

      So much for his claim to moral high ground.

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