Henson Disses Forest, Meadows

Haywood County Republican Party Cahirman Ken Henson is such a classy guy.  Already known for voicemail threats, face-to-face threats of personal violence, disregard for Roberts Rules of Order, and falsely accusing others of felony activity, his general lack of manners was recently demonstrated once again.

At the recent Faith and Freedom Rally fundraiser for Congressman Mark Meadows (R NC11), Henson arrived late (as usual).  Notably, he was at least wearing a clean shirt with a collar.

As North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest took the podium to introduce Congressman Meadows, most of the crowd of hundreds present paid attention to one of the “rock stars” of conservative politics in NC.  Not Ken Henson.  He was seen bending the ear of Congressman Meadows, ignoring the Lieutenant Governor’s speech.

The disrespect continued.  When our fine Congressman Meadows took the stage, Henson was again seen to disrespect the star of the show by pigeonholing Lieutenant Governor Forest for a lengthy conversation.

What a shame that the Chairman of the Haywood County Republican Party cannot represent the Republicans of Haywood County with better manners.


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