Who Is Charles Douglas Wright?

Charles Douglas Wright is a Precinct Chairman in the Republican Party in Haywood County North Carolina.  But who is he?  He has what might most charitably be called a “checkered past”.

We would never presume to tell our readers what to think about anyone.  We think presenting the facts is sufficient.  Charles Douglas Wright is formerly a resident of Padre Island, Texas, near Brownsville.  Let’s examine what the Brownsville Herald has to say about Mr. Wright.  Looking at the evidence, we think HCGOP could choose better company.  But you decide.

The images below are screenshots from archives of the Brownsville Herald obtained from NewspaperArchive.com.





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  1. Very interesting that Mr. Wright has played a prominent leadership role in the Haywood County Republican Party! The Chairman Kenneth Henson, vice-chair Debby King, Sec. Lynda Bennett and Treasurer Pat Carr are well aware of his sordid past but turn their heads and welcome him into the inner sanctum of their leadership. He has participated in the persecution and prosecution of Monroe Miller, Allen’s Creek Precinct Chair, relentlessly! Please share this information so the 12,000 plus Republicans in Haywood County are informed regarding Charles Wright!

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